PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) solvent cement, also known as PVC glue or PVC adhesive, is a type of adhesive specifically designed for joining PVC pipes and fittings. It is commonly used in plumbing, construction, and other applications where a strong and permanent bond between PVC components is required.

Here are some key points about PVC solvent cement:

High Flow Characteristics

Cost Saver And Power Saver

Light Weight Makes Easy Handling

Smooth Internal Surface

Suitable For Portable Water Supply

100% Leak Proof Joint




Composition: PVC solvent cement is typically a mixture of PVC resin and a solvent, such as tetrahydrofuran (THF) or cyclohexanone. The solvent softens the PVC surfaces, allowing them to fuse together when the solvent evaporates.
Chemical Reaction: When PVC solvent cement is applied, it initiates a chemical reaction between the solvent and the PVC surfaces. This reaction softens the plastic and creates a strong bond as the solvent evaporates.
Fast Bonding: PVC solvent cement offers a relatively fast bonding process. The joint can often achieve initial strength within minutes, but full curing may take several hours.
Pressure Rating: The properly bonded PVC joints using solvent cement can provide a strong and water-tight connection, maintaining the pressure rating of the pipes and fittings.
Color: PVC solvent cement is available in different colors, typically clear or gray. The color of the cement may not affect the performance, but it’s essential to use a cement that matches the color of the PVC pipes or fittings for aesthetic reasons.
Safety Precautions: When working with PVC solvent cement, it’s important to follow safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer. This may include working in a well-ventilated area and using appropriate personal protective equipment.

Always follow the specific instructions provided by the PVC solvent cement manufacturer, as different brands may have variations in application and curing processes. Using the right solvent cement and following proper application techniques are essential for creating reliable and leak-free PVC pipe joints.